Crafty Johnsons: Batman Car

As I’ve already mentioned I am a big  fan of Pinterest and like most ‘pinners’ I’ve gone a little crazy over all the things I am definitely going to do aftering seeing someone else’s amazing handiwork on their boards.

However, I have actually been doing a few things but I am very excited about then project I set Mr Johnson onto after seeing this pin. Yes, we have created little Baby Jay his very own custom Batman Car.

Baby Jay and his Batman Car

I cannot really express how cool this thing is. The kid next door has been trying to convince Baby Jay to swap his Batman Car for a regular Kiddy Car but so far Baby Jay has not been swayed*.


We bought a second-hand Cosy Coupe from ebay. The Coupe is avaliable to buy from most good toy retailers and you can usually get them secondhand on Gumtree or from local second hand toy shops very cheaply.

Husband then dismantled the car so he could spray paint it with some Black Satin Plasti-Kote which is available from good hardware stores. We chose this as it’s hard-wearing which is important because the car will be living outdoors and it gives fantastic colour. We used two cans of this.

Plasti-Kote Satin Black

More Tw0-Face than Batman!

The Plasti-Kote offers excellent coverage

Once the car was sprayed it was just a matter of putting it back together and scoring some Batman vinyl stickers and a Gotham City Registration Plate to finish the effect.

Check out the awesome custom plates


*Don’t feel too sorry for the kid next door. He’s asked us to make his car into a Spiderman Custom and I think he’ll probably get his wish before the year is out.

4 thoughts on “Crafty Johnsons: Batman Car

  1. Wow way cool! I am a huge Batman freak and I hope you don’t mind if I make one of these for my sisters little boys! They love Batman (My mother will surely kill me for doing this to there car) But I am willing to take the risk! Oh and PS your boy is adorable!

    • I am so pleased someone else is going to give this ago. The car was a big hit (the kid next door tried to get Baby Jay to swap his regular red Coupe for the Batman one).

      Thanks for saying he’s adorable. I am a huge fan too. Good Luck with the project.

  2. I love your blog! I was looking at the batmobile made from the cozy coupe and was inspired to make one for my son! I had a couple questions about the plastikote spray paint. I am struggling to decide what kind of spray paint to use. Krylon fusion vs valspar vs plastikote. It looks like in the pictures you did not use a primer? Did you do anything to prep the plastic? Also how has the plastikote paint held up? Is there any places it has scratched off?

    • If you can get proper vinyl paint that’s the best (it’s adhesive to plastic) otherwise focus on the primer and do two-three good coats and the paint will look good regardless. We thought matte was better.

      We have a few areas where it has rubbed off, around the door for example where it rubs but otherwise it’s grand. It has lived outdoors since we made it and there’s no damage

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